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Farewell to our Caption Reto Ruesch and whole Heli-Linth Family!

Heli-Linth is one of the helicopter company based in Mollis, Switzerland. There is a special relation between Heli-Linth and Fishtail Air. Caption Reto Ruesch and his team members arrived Kathmandu on 2nd April 2017 for Everest area trek. They stayed here for more than two weeks in Nepal. During those days, Capt. Reto flew flawlessly over Everest Region with our AS350 B3e (9N-AJQ).

Caption Reto and his team were invited by our chairman Bikash J.B Rana in his residence on 23rd April, 2017 for farewell party. Fishtail’s members were there to say goodbye to Heli-Linth team. Fishtail Air thanks them for their wonderful support and contribution. They departed from Kathmandu on 24th April for Switzerland. Fishtail will be looking forward to have more good relation with Heli-linth in coming days.

From Right: Capt. Deepak Jung Rana, Reto Ruesch, Capt. Bikash JB Rana, Suman Pandey, Capt. Maurizio Folini

Fishtail’s New Heli ‘9N-AJR’ has started its first commercial flight!

Fishtail’s new heli ‘9N-AJR‘ has officially started its first commercial flight by today (April 4, 2017). Flight to Gorakchep (Everest Region). This flight was under the control of Captain Eric Alexander Ridington and flew flawlessly over Everest Region. Today 9N-AJR has showed its capability to fly over Nepalese sky and will keep flying very persistently in coming days.

Along with this, we are planning to set one of our B3 helicopter in Lukla by second week of April which will definitely help and provide the best services to the climbers as well as for other missions in climbing season.

Living legend in the world of Mountaineering with Fishtail Air


Reinhold Messner – Living Legend

Under the command of Capt. Maurizio Folini, Reinhold Messner flew with Fishtail Air’s helicopter on 29th and 2nd November. 72 year old Messner, is from Italy and is well known mountaineer, adventurer, author as well as explorer. He initiated his mission climbing Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen.

He had been visiting to Nepal since early 1970s, and had successfully climbed Manaslu, Mount Everst, K2, Kanchanjunga, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Lhotse and several other peaks. It won’t be huge mistake if we regard Messner a living legend in the world of Mountaineering. Also well known as MEP for Italian Green Party in 1999, he was founder of Messner Moutain Museum. He is well known writer for sharing his experience, as he has published 60 books till date.

Currently he is engaged in shooting documentary in Nepal for German Production House. Apart from promoting Nepal’s tourism sector, the documentary is expected to glow Nepalese mountains further as well. His involvement in this project was duly supported by Fishtail Air. These two days of flight through Fishtail Air helped German Production House in collecting scenic beauty of Mountains in Eastern Nepal.