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Fishtail Air facilitated the world’s most elite Adventure Everest Skydive

Everest Skydive 2014 has been concluded recently on 7th and 8th November. Fishtail Air, the exclusive facilitator of Everest Skydive once again showed its active participation during the event. Everest Skydive, an elite Adventure on the top of world, which is keenly observed by the professional skydivers of the world this year had six skydivers including the crew.

Fishtail Air took six flight loads during the two day event- three each a day. Fishtail AS 350 B3 Helicopter flew to altitude above 15000ft carrying skydivers, who executed tandem and solo jumps from staggering height. Italian Pilot Maurizio Folini took five flight loads and Captain Deepak Rana carried a load with Fishtail Air Helicopter during the event.

everest skydive 2014, fishtail air

Tandem Jump

Natural Calamity: Fishtail Air leads the Rescue Operation once again

Natural calamity yet again hits Nepal. A disastrous landslide on Saturday 3am at Sindhuplanchowk, a district flanking Kathmandu to the north swept away dozens of houses claiming the lives of several citizens. The landslide resulted a high wall blockade to the course of Sun Koshi River creating a huge Lake at the site. Reports say eight dead bodies have been recovered and hundreds of natives of the region are still missing; perhaps buried under piles of rocks and soil. Hence, the death toll could massively rise until everything comes back to normal. The mass of water blocked because of the landslide continues to threaten the regions beside the River once the fragile dam bursts.

Saturday morning, the entire nation woke up to hear the biggest tragedy of the year. Captain Deepak Jung Rana of Fishtail Air made an early morning flight to the ruined site. He was shocked to witness such a merciless strike. A gigantic mass of hill had dropped down sweeping the entire village with the asleep villagers. However, Fishtail Air started the rescue work. The first rescue flight was able to rescue one Belgian citizen and five Nepalese to the safety of hospital in Kathmandu.

Fishtail Air, as in the past had done an appreciable job to serve the humanity in such tragedies. The loss of human lives and national resources during such calamities are massive but the minimization of the loss is a national obligation for every resourceful organization and individual.

Fishtail Air, conveys deep sympathy to all those who have lost their dear ones and valued properties.


Congratulations Sujal Shrestha for your first Solo Flight

Pilot Sujal Shrestha carried out his first solo flight to Diktel on 8th July 2014. Flying several hundred hours as a co-pilot in the Nepalese Sky, Sujal’s first solo flight to Dhiktel is one more success story of Fishtail Air. Mr. Sujal took the command to solely operate Kathmandu-Diktel-Kathmandu chartered flight in Fishtail Air’s B3-AJI Aircraft.
Fishtail Air congratulates Sujal Shrestha in his successful endeavor of flying as a pilot in the Nepalese sky


Fishtail Air team congratulates Ranjan Limbu for his first Solo flight

Ranjan Limbu who is an efficient co-pilot in the Fishtail, on July 2nd took a command to operate a solo flight. Today he operated a solo flight to Biratnagar for the medical evacuation from Nobel Medical College.

Mr. Ranjan who was permitted to go as high as 7000 feet as a solo pilot is officially authorized to operate flights to all Nepalese airports. His hard work and dedication towards the aviation industry has now equipped him with the invaluable experience of flying solo in the Nepalese sky.

The team of Fishtail Air congratulates Mr. Ranjan in achieving the first opportunity to conduct the solo flight of his piloting career. We wish him a very good luck for his every future endeavors in the aviation industry.

Ranjan Limbu

Capt. Ranjan Limbu taking the Command


Romanian Climber rescued from Dhaulagiri

It was a challenging task to rescue a Romanian National Mr. Alex Gavan from the Camp 2 of Dhaulagiri. The first day of rescue May 11, the rescue team of Fishtail Air flew from Kathmandu. Because of poor visibility due to strong wind and heavy snowfall, the rescue team flew back from Kalapani.

The second day the rescue began early morning. The team flew from Pokhara and made an attempt to rescue the Romanian Climber with the long line from the Camp 2, 6400m. Once again Due to poor visibility, strong wind and snow blowing , the rescue was impossible. Hence the team dropped 2 Sherpas at Camp 1, 6100m. Sherpas climbed up to Camp 2 and brought the climber back to Camp 1. After couple of hours the Romanian climber was in the safe hands of Sherpas at Camp 1. From Camp 1 everyone was rescued. The helicopter flew to Kathmandu via Kalapani after the successful rescue mission.



Italian duo airlift rubbish from Everest Camp 1 to Pyramid

An Italian pilot, who flies Fishtail chopper, and another Italian national, who works at the Pyramid International Laboratory/Observatory on the lap of Mt Everest, brought some materials and rubbish left at the Camp 1 to the High Altitude Research Center for storage and proper disposal today.
According to GP Verza of the Center, Captain Maurizio Folini had sought his help to collect and dispose various materials and rubbish apparently left by the expedition teams that either became victim or witness of the April 18 avalanche.

“Today Maurizio was flying in our area, and he requested me to help him bring the materials,” Verza said, “I responded with an affirmation…We flew to Camp 1 and collected a good quantity of rubbish including a jerrycan containing kerosene.”
The Center, which is jointly managed by the Ev-K2-CNR Committee and the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) since 1990, is located at 5,050 m in the Khumbu Valley in Solukhumbu district.
The Center provides a platform to conduct research on environment, climate, human physiology and geology in the area.
Verza has expressed his concerns over the tendency of mountaineers leaving fuel containers and other rubbish in the
mountains. “Release of fuel like kerosene would impose bad effects on environment and it would contaminate water in the lower areas in the days to come,” he wrote an email sent to THT Online.
He further pointed out there are higher chances of crevasse formation in the Camp 1 due to such disposals.
Referring to the April 18 tragedy, in which 18 Sherpas were killed, Verza said, “This time, unfortunately, there was no time or energy to recover materials from Camp 1. Somebody had to do it, and we did it in memory of those who carried the materials up to there.”

News Source: The Himalayan Times,

Fishtail Air and Goma Air coordinate to boost the Adventure Tourism of Nepal

Fishtail Air & Goma Air has launched a pact to work in coordination to enhance the country’s tourism. Chairman of Fishtail as well as Goma Air, Mr. Bikash JB Rana said, “Collaborated services of Fishtail Air and Goma Air will be able to offer more effective services to the increasing number of tourist in Nepal.”

The coordination between Goma Air, which is operating the domestic flight services since three years in western region of Nepal and Fishtail Air, a leading company operating Helicopter Services will create an enormous possibilities to boost the adventure tourism in Nepal. Both companies led by Mr. Bikash JB Rana will support and complement each other to make impact on Aerial Routes of the Nepalese Sky. At present Goma Air has two single engine caravan aircrafts and immediately the airline is adding two multi engine aircrafts to its fleet.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
By: Henry Ford

Goma Air

Brief summary of our Spring season 2013

As the spring 2013 came to an end, Fishtail Air had yet another productive spell. From the beginning of the season since March, Fishtail Air effectively carried out more than 200 Rescue Flights as well as Cargo Shipment of over 1,00,000 kilograms. A handful number of mountain flights and search flights were conducted specially in the Everest and Dhaulagiri regions. Even history was made as we carried out the Highest Helicopter Rescue at the altitude of 7,800 meter (between Camp III & Camp IV). Likewise, filming with Reinhold Messner in Everest and Kanchenjunga Regions added an aura on the long list of extraordinary achievements of the company.

During these busy few months, our B3 Helicopter was based at Lukla to provide quick services to the foreign as well as Nepalese people. This helped in performing several triumphant rescues in Camp I and Camp II. All of our clients; foreigners and locals, were delighted with the services provided by Fishtail Air. Our helicopter is now based in the Far Western Region (Simikot) to assist and support pilgrimage tours to Mount Kailash during emergencies.

For further information, please contact:  (+977 1) 4112217, 4112463/64/65/66/67.

Fishtail gears up for the Rescue mission!

The trio of Marizio Foloni, Armin Senoner and Capt. Piergiorgio Rosati have yet again arrived in Nepal to fly with Fishtail Air. The highly experienced team will be further enhancing the facilities provided by Fishtail Air which include rescue missions, sling operation, special missions amongst many others.

“A brief profile of the three pilots is given below:”

Marizio Foloni:
Born in Italy, Marizio Foloni has a long list of companies he has worked for in countries like Europe, Italy, Switzerland, Germany Canada and Uzbekistan. With a flying experience of 9000 hours, this Italian pilot is familiar with the single engine as well as the twin engine. Also a mountain guide and a member of rescue team in north Italy, Foloni has a lot of mountain experience including the sling operation and various rescue missions.

Marizio Foloni

Marizio Foloni

Armin Senoner
Also an Italian citizen, Armin Senoner is a mountain guide as well as a ski instructor. Renowned as a longline specialist, Senoner works for the Italian Helicopter Elikcos.

Armin Senoner

Armin Senoner

Captain Piergiorgio Rosati
Captain Piergiorgio Rosati has an incredible 9000 hours of flying experience excluding the 40-50 hours he spent flying in Nepal in just two weeks.

Piergiorgio Rosati

Piergiorgio Rosati

Rosati, during his previous visit had expressed that he had a wonderful experience and he looked forward to working here again. Fishtail Air wishes the same and is keenly waiting to work with the trio.

Copywriter: Suvasni Sherchan (She is an intern copywriter in Fishtail Air)

Fishtail Air’s newest helicopter-Airborne!

Fishtail Air’s newest helicopter commenced its first commercial flight today, 11th April, 2013! The AS 350 B3+ single-engine light helicopter had arrived in Nepal on 29th March after having left Italy on 18th March 2013. I-VIEW is fitted with 5+1 passenger seat version and is constantly ready to undertake real challenges and special missions. As one of the most powerful machines, this helicopter can safely operate up to the altitude of 23000 ft. Over the years this powerful machine has proven its capabilities and saved many lives around the world at very high altitudes and adverse weather conditions. With the latest addition to its fleet Fishtail Air continues to strive on its path to provide the best of services to its valued passengers like it has been doing over the years.