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Fishtail Air team congratulates Sabin Lama for his first Solo flight!

Pilot Sabin Lama carried out his first solo flight to Lakhanpur (Ramechhap) on March 1, 2017. Flying several hundred hours as a co-pilot in the Nepalese Sky, Sabin’s first solo flight to Lakhanpur is one more success story of Fishtail Air.

Mr. Sabin Lama took the command to solely operate Kathmandu-Lakhanpur-Kathmandu chartered flight in Fishtail Air’s B3e-AJQ Aircraft. His hard work and dedication towards the aviation industry has now equipped him with the invaluable experience of flying solo in the Nepalese sky.

Fishtail Air Team congratulates Mr. Sabin in achieving the first opportunity to conduct the solo flight of his piloting career. We wish him a very good luck for his every future endeavors in the aviation industry.

Fishtail Air to welcome new choppers in the family real soon!

As a New Year resolution, Fishtail Air has planned to bring new helicopters this year. An AS 350 b3+ would be introduced soon and will operate within Nepal for commercial flight purpose. The contract to purchase a new helicopter between TARMAC AVIATION SA, Switzerland and Fishtail Air has already been signed.

The AS 350 b3+ is powered by a 2B1 engine and is well known for its capacity to fly at high altitude (23,000 feet AMSL) all over the world. The chopper has also proved its capability in Nepal especially in mountain regions. It has the capacity of 6 seater excluding pilot and performs flawlessly in Aerial Sightseeing, Mountain Flights, Rescue Evacuation, Corporate Charter, Sling Operations, High altitude operations and other special adventure missions.

Fishtail Air Pvt. Ltd. was operating two helicopters, a Bell Jet Ranger 206 B III and an AS 350 B3e and has already signed a purchase agreement with Bell Helicopter, Textron Company on 07 October 2016 for the purchase of two brand new Bell 505 Jet Ranger X helicopters.

Living legend in the world of Mountaineering with Fishtail Air


Reinhold Messner – Living Legend

Under the command of Capt. Maurizio Folini, Reinhold Messner flew with Fishtail Air’s helicopter on 29th and 2nd November. 72 year old Messner, is from Italy and is well known mountaineer, adventurer, author as well as explorer. He initiated his mission climbing Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen.

He had been visiting to Nepal since early 1970s, and had successfully climbed Manaslu, Mount Everst, K2, Kanchanjunga, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Lhotse and several other peaks. It won’t be huge mistake if we regard Messner a living legend in the world of Mountaineering. Also well known as MEP for Italian Green Party in 1999, he was founder of Messner Moutain Museum. He is well known writer for sharing his experience, as he has published 60 books till date.

Currently he is engaged in shooting documentary in Nepal for German Production House. Apart from promoting Nepal’s tourism sector, the documentary is expected to glow Nepalese mountains further as well. His involvement in this project was duly supported by Fishtail Air. These two days of flight through Fishtail Air helped German Production House in collecting scenic beauty of Mountains in Eastern Nepal.


Purchase agreement signed by Fishtail Air for two new choppers

bell-helicopter-one Fishtail Air Pvt. Ltd. signs a purchase agreement with Bell Helicopter, Textron Company on 07 October 2016 for the purchase of two brand new Bell 505 Jet Ranger X helicopters. The purchase agreement was signed by Mr. Bikash JB Rana, Chairman of Fishtail Air and Bell Helicopter Company at Kathmandu.

The Bell 505 Jet Ranger is the first helicopter in its class to feature a fully integrated glass flight deck featuring the Garmin G1000H Avionics suite. The system provides unparalleled crew situational awareness and reduce pilot work load, resulting in enhanced safety and mission capabilities.


Fishtail Air has been innovative in introducing new range of Helicopters in the Past to Nepalese Tourism Industry looking at potential behind needs in the Himalayan Adventure Industry. Introduction of Two brand new AS 350 B3 Helicopters in 2009 revolutionized the Nepalese Aviation Industry giving much hope and assurance to Climbers and Adventurers in the Himalaya and also saved lots of lives at risk.

The introduction of Bell 505 Jet Ranger Aircraft is expected to add value to Tourism Industry by providing a better Sightseeing opportunity through complete glass cockpit installed in the Aircraft. It will also provide an executive class luxury to Tourists and VIP movement which is another unexplored market said Mr. Suman Pandey, Chief Executive Officer of Fishtail Air.

Press Release

The family of Fishtail Air would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all the family members of the passengers and the Captain who lost their lives in yesterday’s tragic accident.

The Aircraft 9N AKA commanded by Capt. Ranjan Limbu was on a rescue mission to evacuate a patient suffering from Post-delivery problem from Philim in Gorkha and met a fatal accident at Chuchhe Bhir, Betini of Nuwakot District around 12:32 p.m. yesterday, 8th August 2016. The patient, her infant child and four other passengers together with the pilot, all lost their lives in this unfortunate incident. Evacuation of the dead bodies have been carried out immediately after the accident and are now going through necessary legal procedure before the final rituals will be performed.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives and pray to almighty that the deceased souls rest in peace in heaven. At this moment of grief, We would also like to thank all our friends, customers, well-wishers and the people for standing by us.

Deceased passengers:

  1. Ranjan Limbu (Captain)
  2. Kitman Gurung
  3. Asami Gurung
  4. Preeti Gurung
  5. Laxmi Gurung
  6. Nisha Tamang


Fishtail Air’s newest helicopter is ready to fly in Nepalese Sky

Fishtail Air’s newest helicopter is ready to fly in Nepalese Sky. The chopper with registration sign ‘9N AJQ’ is an “AS 350 B3e” model was brought from Heli Linth, Switzerland. Fishtail Air now operates with 3 helicopters with Bell206 and AS 350 B2 already on its fleet.




Fishtail Air’s new AS 350 B3e (9N AJQ) helicopter has arrived at TIA

Fishtail Air’s new AS 350 B3e (H125) helicopter has arrived at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. The chopper after being brought from Heli Linth, Switzerland has added new gems in Fishtail Air’s fleet. It will fly in the Nepalese sky with the registration sign ‘9N-AJQ’. The helicopter is considered as the one of the strongest helicopter and safe in term of risks. Painted with big animation of Dragon, it is nicknamed as ‘Dragon’.

The helicopter that is expected to start it operation in Nepalese sky within couple of days can carry 6 passengers at a time excluding the pilot. With addition of this helicopter, Fishtail Air now operates with 3 helicopters including Bell206 & AS 350 B2 in its fleet.

Photo Courtesy: Hari Giri

Fishtail Air’s incredible support to MAF Disaster Response Team

MAF International, a Christian Organization that flies in the most isolated communities of the world to support the extremely suffering mass of people, collaborated with Fishtail Air during their Earthquake Relief Campaign in Nepal. MAF International appreciates every endeavor put by the Fishtail Air Staffs during the Campaign.

MAF Disaster Response Team in Nepal expressed its gratitude to Fishtail Air in conducting its work with excellence in all areas that include the booking, dispatching and executing of flights. MAF also has extended expressed its intention in continuing its collaboration with Fishtail Air for further Relief Campaigns in Nepal.




Fishtail on Rescue Mission after the devastating Earthquake

The devastating earthquake of moment magnitude 7.9 that hit Nepal on April 25 2015 has shaken the entire world. Over 7500 lost their lives and count is still ongoing, twice as much have been injured and billions worth of infrastructures including heritage sites, human habitats and social properties have turned into the debris.

The devastating earthquake also triggered Highland Himalayan Region resulting avalanches in Everest and Langtang Regions, which claimed the lives of over 250 people. Fishtail Air expresses deepest condolences to all those victims who could not survive the cruelest form of nature’s destruction.

However, the team of Fishtail Air feels proud to serve the country and humankind during such tragic moment. The team of Fishtail Air operated Rescue Missions in the most affected regions. The team of pilots including Reto, Maurizio and Ashish Sherchan operated frequent flights in Fishtail Helicopters to Everest Region and rescued the climbers who were trapped in between Camp I and Everest Base Camp during the catastrophic avalanche triggered by the quake. Piloting AKA, AII Helicopters the team of Fishtail Pilots including Niklas, Ranjan, Sujal, Yogendra Mukhiya and Deepak Jung Rana operated rescue missions in the most affected districts like Gorkha Dhading, Nuwakot and Rasuwa. Overall Fishtail Air has brought 1000 victims back to Kathmandu.

Fishtail Air, an integral support for the Mountain Expeditions in Nepal …

Captain Aashish Sherchan recently accomplished the cargo mission to support the Expedition, which is on the verge to begin after a long disrupt caused by last year’s disastrous avalanche in the Khumbu Icefall. B3 Helicopter of Fishtail Air took the flights with the tents and other gears required for the Expedition from Phaplu and dropped at the airstrips of Syangboche.

A sling operation was made to drop the cargo at Syangboche airstrips. Capt. Ranjan Limbu, a new pilot in the aviation industry supported Capt. Sherchan for the 10 days mission.

Expedition Cargo Mission

Expedition Cargo Mission