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Special Mission

Fishtail Air and Maurizio Folini carry out the highest Helicopter Rescue!

Yet again, Fishtail Air and Maurizio Folini have succeeded in carrying out the highest ever helicopter rescue on Everest. The rescue was carried out in an incredible altitude of 7,800 m. Despite the difficulty to fly in thin air at such high altitudes, renowned Italian Pilot Maurizio Folini piloted the AS 350 B3 to rescue an injured Nepali-Canadian climber at 1:30 pm on the 21st of May. The casualty who faced difficulties in the afternoon of 20th May was lowered several hundred meters the following day by a Sherpa team from where the rescue took place. The previous record too was performed at an altitude of 6,900 m by a team of Fishtail Air & Air Zermatt on 29th April, 2010 using ‘Human Sling Operation’ on Mt. Annapurna.


Maurizio Folini

Mission Revisited-Entrepreneur organization 2013

Entrepreneur organization (EO) Nepal hosted the Asia Bridge Campus 2013 same as in year 2011 in which the VIP guests mainly from Japan, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries of the Asia Pacific and a few from the U.S.A and New Zealand participated. EO presented 140 of their young entrepreneurs an exhilarating lifetime experience of the panoramic birdlike view of the Khumbu valley (Mt. Everest Region).

Fishtail Air was responsible for coordinating the whole mission in the year 2011 and was an honor to be a part of the team this year as well. EO is a dynamic, global network of more than 7500 business owners spread over 108 chapters in 40 countries with a vision to build the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs.Fishtail Air


Breakfast at Kongde

One more feather in the hat of Fishtail Air!

Since the year 2007 Fishtail Air has been operating flights for Everest Skydive. This year too saw plenty of actions for our pilots. Mauriziol Follini flew in from Italy to team up with Captain Ashish Sherchan of Fishtail Air for the event.

15 jumpers from USA, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Pakistan and Slovakia enjoyed solo and tandem jumps over Mt. Amadablam Base Camp (1500ft) and Syangboche (12400ft).

During the 4-day event skydivers enjoyed spectacular views of the mountains and were upbeat till the end. This event is getting popular with more and more divers taking part each year. Fishtail Air is proud to be a part of this elite world-class air adventure sports team.

Everest skydive 2012

Everest Skydive 2012- Tandem Jump

Everest Skydive 2012

Landing after the Jump

Photo Courtesy: Wendy Elizabeth Smith

Everest Skydive Flights by Fishtail Air

Fishtail Air operated Skydive flights to the Syangboche Area on 1 November 2012. AS350B3 Helicopter 9N-AJI  of Fishtail Air operated the flights managed by Everest Skydive. The flight was operated by the expert Italian pilot of Fishtail Air Captain Maurizio Folini. The dives were performed from the ceiling altitude  of above 22000 ft. Initial solo dives were performed by Mr. Miloslav Sulda (Australian) and Dr. Ryan James Jackson (British). Total five skydive flights were operated for the foreign divers. The professional sky divers are  from USA, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Pakistan and Slovakia.

The flight details performed by Fishtail Air of the date are as follows:

First Skydives:                                                   0730 hrs
Solo Skydives by Milo & Ryan

Second Skydives:                                             0800 hrs
Solo Skydive by Freed & Derek

Third Skydives:                                                 0955 hrs
Solo skydives by Travis & Wendy

Fourth Skydives:                                              1015 hrs
Solo Skydives by Robert & Ryan

Fifth Skydives:                                                   1200 hrs
Solo Skydives by Joan & Ryan

Sky divers enjoyed with the exciting view of the world’s top roof Mount Everest and other top mountains.

Fishtail Air is operating Skydive flights since 2007.

Avalanche at Manaslu Base camp swept away expedition members!

An avalanche occurred at Camp III of the Mt. Manaslu at 7,300 meters at around 4 am on 23rd September. The climbers were most possibly sleeping when they were hit by the snow. Even though an official data and the name lists of the victims has not been made clear by the officials, it is believed that some twelve climbers have gone missing, thirteen injured and some 8 people have been identified as deceased.

Chopper of Fishtail Air is carrying out the search and rescue operation at the moment. Captain Steven Bruce Bokan is in command of 9N-AJI helicopter for this search and rescue operation.

According to Capt Bokan, the toll may increase as the time passes by and because of the adverse weather the operation has been more so difficult. Most of the victims hail from Germany and France.  All those injured so far have been immediately transferred to hospital in Kathmandu for medical treatment.

Our efforts are still on and we hope to rescue all the possible survivors and pray for those who could not make it back to life. May the departed rest in peace.

manaslu avalanche

Miles of smiles to the team ‘Alpenglow Expeditions’

Season for mountain climbing! Movement for alpinists has started here in the heart of capital now.  Team of Alpenglow Expeditions lead by the famous alpinist Mr. Adrian Ballanger headed for attempting Mt. Makalu. On 13th of September, team of seven members and one Sherpa were picked up from Tumlingtar and were dropped off to Makalu Base Camp by Fishtail Air Helicopter 9N-AKA. Captain Asish Serchan was the pilot in command accompanied by Engineer Mr. Anil Basnyat.

Fishtail Air extends Best Wishes for safe and successful accent to Mr. Balanger led team of Alpenglow and special wishes to Doctor Monika, hoping she would not have to face More LEECHES while in her return! [smiles!]

Photo Courtesy: Sujal Shrestha, CO-Pilot, Fishtail Air

A Very Extreme Long Line Rescue From 6380m, Fishtail Thanks Simone Moro!

Our Italian duo of rescue experts Capt. Piergiorgio Rosati and Capt. (Mountain climber) Simone Moro rescued the dead body of a Ukrainian man whose body has been stuck at Tengkangpoche about 18 months using the longline from our B3 helicopter.

The Ukrainian climber had been climbing the Tengkangpoche peak 18 months ago with his female friend who died on a fall while climbing very short of the summit. Her fall left him unroped with no harness. He couldn’t climb up or descend down. Sherpas and locals think he froze to death. His body was in a seated position ever since.

 Simone Moro flew with Capt. Rosati on the longline to the body site on a 75 degree slope with a 2000m vertical drop below him while Rosati was hovering. The first day of the evacuation was carried out as Simone drilled the ice face and created an anchor for himself from where he could hang and work on taking the body out. The evacuation was successful only on the second day after rigorous drilling because of the vertical face of the slope at the height of 6380m.

Rescuer/pilot Simone Moro says ‘this extreme one of a kind rescue/evacuation is the highest rescue in the world by a longline on a vertical face.’

The mission was successful and they flew the body to Lukla and then to Kathmandu.

We send our humble condolences to the Ukrainian family.

Fishtail Air team is very grateful to Capt. Piergiorgio and Capt. Simone for carrying out the entire operation. Congratulations and best wishes for your future endeavors. Cheers!

Article: Anusha Udas, Photo: Simone Moro & Piergiorgio Rosati

Yet another Longline rescue at Island Peak

Longline Rescue

A Swiss lady was rescued this morning from Island Peak Base Camp on our B3 by our rescue team of Capt. Maurizio Folini and Capt. Simone Moro.

She was on her expedition when she collapsed at the base of the steep face, 150m before the summit of Island Peak (6189m approx.). The duo flew to base camp from where Simone Moro got into the longline and they flew to where the lady was stuck at 6050m. They evacuated her from the area and thereafter flew her in the helicopter to Lukla initially and then to the capital for medical attention.

We wish for her earliest recovery and thanking the Italian rescue duo once again.

Fishtail Air rescues 100s stranded tourist from Lukla!

Thousands were and have been stuck in Lukla due to bad weather. We have managed to rescue about 100 passengers from Lukla to Kathmandu and taken the same amount on the reverse route.

It has been more than a week that Kathmandu, Lukla, Pokhara and other airfields/airports experienced bad weather with limited visibility restricting air traffic in and out. This crisis on the peak tourist season led to thousands of trekkers and mountaineers getting stranded at Lukla. Accommodation was tight and food was getting scarce. Foreigners had flights to catch. It was utter chaos. Hundreds more were on the way down to Lukla from Base Camp, Namche, syangboche etc. Helicopter service proved very important under these circumstances and the weather margin for operation of a helicopter is slightly less than for a fixed wing.

We have had unlimited calls and have tried out best to help passengers get back home. The whole team has been working hard to relieve the foreigners and the nation as a whole from this crisis that we face. Three of our helicopters AJI, AIK and AII have been stationed accordingly and our crew Capt. Ashish, Capt. Stephan and Capt. Steven are performing the whole operation.

We continue to perform this rescue operation as hundreds are still stuck and in need of help at Lukla. Fishtail Air thanks the whole crew for your respective roles in the entire mission.

Last year, during the same season we faced a similar crisis at Lukla and the same was done.

Tourist @ TIA

rescue from lukla

A Russian Excursion with Fishtail Air.

Fishtail Air once again carried out a successful mission of flying a huge group of 54 passengers to Jiri and back.

The whole tour was requested by Nepal Kamaz Travel and Tours P. Ltd and we at Fishtail without fail organized the tour from Kathmandu to Jiri and back to Kathmandu. A total of 6 helicopters took off from Kathmandu airport this afternoon making it a moment to remember. 6 of the machines landing side to side at at field at Jiri was one of a sight. We are glad we were able to show our Russian friends the ‘Switzerland of Nepal’ as they call it.

Jiri is a village development committee in Dolakha District in the Janakpur Zone of north-eastern Nepal. Jiri lies at an altitude of 1,905 metres (6,250 feet) and is the eastern-most terminus of the highway coming from Kathmandu. Jiri is also called the “Gateway to Mt. Everest” because all early Everest Expeditions—including the one that put Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary on the summit—passed through Jiri before the airfield at Lukla was built.

Photo Courtesy: Capt. Steven Bruce Bokan