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Rescue Mission

Rescue from Chisapani

Mrs. Mj Mlardninios, from Netherlands was flown in to Kathmandu today by the Chopper of  Fishtail air Helicopter (9N-AII). Immediately after receiving an emergency call, Captain Steven Bruce Bokan took off for her rescue.

Mrs. Mlardninios suffered an Ankle Fracture at a place called Chisapani during her hiking trip from Sundarijal to Nagarkot.

Upon landing at Kathmandu Airport, she was immediately transferred to Civic Hospital by an ambulance which saved her from further serious damages.

Fishtail Air wishes her for speedy recovery.

Patient @ Chisapaani

Patient @ Chisapaani

Indian pilgrim rescued from Simikot

Mr.Sanjaya Kumar Bhatta from India was rescued today from Simikot on our B2 (9N-AKA) helicopter. He was on his pilgrimage to the Holy Kailash Mansarovar when he fell seriously sick because of the high altitude. He immediately called for rescue.

Our helicopter at the moment was based in Simikot and Captain Deepak flew him to Kathmandu.

We wish him the earliest recovery.

Our B3 helicopter is still based at Simikot for the Pilgrimage mission and other rescues on standby.

A Very Extreme Long Line Rescue From 6380m, Fishtail Thanks Simone Moro!

Our Italian duo of rescue experts Capt. Piergiorgio Rosati and Capt. (Mountain climber) Simone Moro rescued the dead body of a Ukrainian man whose body has been stuck at Tengkangpoche about 18 months using the longline from our B3 helicopter.

The Ukrainian climber had been climbing the Tengkangpoche peak 18 months ago with his female friend who died on a fall while climbing very short of the summit. Her fall left him unroped with no harness. He couldn’t climb up or descend down. Sherpas and locals think he froze to death. His body was in a seated position ever since.

 Simone Moro flew with Capt. Rosati on the longline to the body site on a 75 degree slope with a 2000m vertical drop below him while Rosati was hovering. The first day of the evacuation was carried out as Simone drilled the ice face and created an anchor for himself from where he could hang and work on taking the body out. The evacuation was successful only on the second day after rigorous drilling because of the vertical face of the slope at the height of 6380m.

Rescuer/pilot Simone Moro says ‘this extreme one of a kind rescue/evacuation is the highest rescue in the world by a longline on a vertical face.’

The mission was successful and they flew the body to Lukla and then to Kathmandu.

We send our humble condolences to the Ukrainian family.

Fishtail Air team is very grateful to Capt. Piergiorgio and Capt. Simone for carrying out the entire operation. Congratulations and best wishes for your future endeavors. Cheers!

Article: Anusha Udas, Photo: Simone Moro & Piergiorgio Rosati

Everest Camp 2 Rescue

Two sherpas had been injured in the Serac Fall near Camp 3. On their way up they were hit by an Ice rock and were suffering from severe head injuries. Their friends carried them from there to Camp 2 whereby helicopter rescue would be easier. They called for medevac.

Captain Simone Moro and Captain Piergirorio immediately flew out B3 from Lukla (where it has been stationed as standby for rescue missions) to Everest Camp 2.

They picked up Kami Tenzing Sherpa initially and flew him to Lukla. There after they picked the second Sherpa PemChiri Sherpa on the second shuttle from Lukla and later both were flown to Kathmandu.

We have had successful camp 2 rescues this season and are glad to be able to assist. Fishtail Air sends out best wishes to those that are on their way up and congratulations to those on their descent.

We also would like to introduce to you Captain Piergirorio from Italy who has mainly been flying the rescue mission from Lukla in replacement of Captain Maurizio Folini. He is a sling expert and current working in Italy.

Yet another Longline rescue at Island Peak

Longline Rescue

A Swiss lady was rescued this morning from Island Peak Base Camp on our B3 by our rescue team of Capt. Maurizio Folini and Capt. Simone Moro.

She was on her expedition when she collapsed at the base of the steep face, 150m before the summit of Island Peak (6189m approx.). The duo flew to base camp from where Simone Moro got into the longline and they flew to where the lady was stuck at 6050m. They evacuated her from the area and thereafter flew her in the helicopter to Lukla initially and then to the capital for medical attention.

We wish for her earliest recovery and thanking the Italian rescue duo once again.

Rescue from Everest Camp 2!

Patient at TIA

Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa was rescued from Camp 2 this morning on our helicopter.

Lhakpa Sherpa was stuck at camp 3 from where he was brought down to camp 2 by other sherpas. He was with a group of 9 climbers when he fell sick. He was flown to Lukla on AJI (B3) and from Lukla flown to Kathmandu on VT-DCB (B3) along with his wife. An ambulance immediately took him to Blue Cross hospital for proper medical attention.

There have been news of avalanches on the mountains in the past six days due to which a lot of climbers are suffering and Lhakpa is one of the many that have.Everest Base Camp II

Patient on-board

Everest Base Camp Rescue!

Capt. Steven Bruce Bokan and Capt. Maurizio Folini rescued Cory Richards this evening from Everest Base Camp (5364 m).

Cory is a climber/photographer from Colorado, US, working for The National Geographic. Cory is also Nat Geo’s Adventurer of the year 2012. He became the first American to successfully summit an 8,000-meter peak in winter.

He suffered from altitude sickness as doctors say ‘he ran short of breath’ while at Base camp. The duo of captains flew him to Lukla immediately on our B3 helicopter where he received primary treatment. He was flown to Kathmandu the day after for proper medical attention.

We wish this adventurer best wishes for the earliest recovery so you can continue taking wonderful pictures like you always do.

Rescue from Pangpuche Base Camp

Mr. Bjorn Aage Myrer Hund was on his expedition towards Pangpuche peak when avalanche fell and he fractured his leg.

We immediately took off from Lukla on our B3 without delay and rescued him from Pangpuche Base Camp to Kathmandu. Pangpuche is in Manasulu region, north east of Samdo. Captain Deepak and our newest additional crew Captain Maurizio Folini (from Italy) were flying the machine.

We wish him the earliest recovery.

Rescue from Pangpuche Base Camp

Dead body evacuation from Everest Base Camp;Helicopter B3 based in Lukla

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

This morning, Captain Ashish and Captain Folini evacuated the dead body of the son of famous Ang Rita Sherpa-a 10 times Everest Summiter from the Everest Base Camp (~17000ft) on our B3.

May his soul rest in Peace after all the mountains he may have conquered.

We would also like to inform all our clients and friends that our B3 (AJI) is based at Lukla currently for immediate service for rescue in the Khumbu region and around it until further notice.

Pheriche calls for rescue

Ms. Lotte Suveri from Canada and her friend Yonathan  Zoof from Isarel were on their trek to the incredible Everest Base Camp when she experienced altitude sickness and could continue no further than Pheriche (14,000ft). They decided to call for rescue as she was getting worse healthwise.

Our very own VT-DCB (B3) was flown by Capt. Dutt from Kathmandu to Pheriche from where they were rescued to the capital. The ambulance that was waiting for her immediately drove her for proper medical attention.

Pheriche Helipad - 14000 FtMs Lotte & Yonathan

Ms Lotte & Yonathan