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Rescue Mission

Ueli Steck’s remains airlifted by Fishtail Air!

Ueli steck was a famous swiss rock climber and mountaineer who won two Piolet d’Or, in 2009 and 2014. He is also famous for his speed records on the North Face trilogy in the Alps. He has won many awards regarding mountaineering in Nepal as well as in many countries.

He died on April 30, 2017 morning while attempting the west ridge route of Everest. He slipped away from west ridge of Everest and fell 100m down from west ridge of Everest. He was there without supplemental oxygen. His remains were airlifted by Fishtail Air from Everest base Camp I this morning under the command of Captain Maurizio Folini. Captain Maurizio flew over the Everest Base Camp and landed at Everest base Camp I and was able to bring his remains back to Kathmandu.

Press Release

The family of Fishtail Air would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all the family members of the passengers and the Captain who lost their lives in yesterday’s tragic accident.

The Aircraft 9N AKA commanded by Capt. Ranjan Limbu was on a rescue mission to evacuate a patient suffering from Post-delivery problem from Philim in Gorkha and met a fatal accident at Chuchhe Bhir, Betini of Nuwakot District around 12:32 p.m. yesterday, 8th August 2016. The patient, her infant child and four other passengers together with the pilot, all lost their lives in this unfortunate incident. Evacuation of the dead bodies have been carried out immediately after the accident and are now going through necessary legal procedure before the final rituals will be performed.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives and pray to almighty that the deceased souls rest in peace in heaven. At this moment of grief, We would also like to thank all our friends, customers, well-wishers and the people for standing by us.

Deceased passengers:

  1. Ranjan Limbu (Captain)
  2. Kitman Gurung
  3. Asami Gurung
  4. Preeti Gurung
  5. Laxmi Gurung
  6. Nisha Tamang


MAF Fishtail Collaboration goes beyond a year

The collaboration of MAF International, a Christian Organization that flies in the most isolated communities of the world to support the extremely suffering mass of people, & the Fishtail Air, a leading Helicopter Operators of Nepal has been a year.

After the devastating quake that struck Central Nepal in early 2015, these two organizations began their collaboration under Earthquake Relief Campaign in Nepal. During one year collaboration, MAF & Fishtail Air undertook humanitarian tasks to several isolated quake affected villages. Basic needs like food & water, temporary settlements, Medicine supplies & clothes were delivered to these villages where roadways had no links at all. Moreover, the rescue & evacuation of people trapped in the debris of the quake were also done at large scale.

Fishtail Air would like to congratulate all the personals directly & indirectly related to yearlong collaboration of MAF & Fishtail Air. We also hope the continuity of collaboration that has served the humankind in extreme crisis.

Fishtail Air & MAF
EarthQuake Nepal


Fishtail Air is partnering with international NGO, MAF in rescue mission

Fishtail Air is partnering with international NGO Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), to operate an urgently needed helicopter response facility to enable humanitarian and relief workers to reach those most isolated communities in Nepal to bring hope and healing following the earthquake.

Nepal Earthquake, Fishtail Air

MAF operates the world’s largest fleet of aircraft for humanitarian and development operations and has considerable experience in disaster relief work including flight scheduling, logistics and management of disaster air transport operations. Working together with our helicopters and their disaster expertise, we are in ideal position to get the right people to the right places at the right time to help the people of Nepal recover from this devastating natural disaster.

The service we are offering is aimed at enabling the humanitarian aid community to access affected vulnerable populations in hard-to-reach areas currently not accessible by road or the larger helicopters. The service is primarily for passengers and limited cargo and is available on whole aircraft charter or a shuttle basis (pay for seat) and rates will depend on a number of factors although significant subsidies will be available to all humanitarian agencies.

Happy Children after getting the Food material

Happy Children after getting the Food material

Nepal Earthquake, Rescue

MAF team at the affected area speaking with the local people

To find out more please contact:
MAF Registration and Booking Office, Fishtail Air, opposite KTM Cargo Terminal entrance, Kathmandu.
Phone: 9813151797 or 9860481977

Fishtail on Rescue Mission after the devastating Earthquake

The devastating earthquake of moment magnitude 7.9 that hit Nepal on April 25 2015 has shaken the entire world. Over 7500 lost their lives and count is still ongoing, twice as much have been injured and billions worth of infrastructures including heritage sites, human habitats and social properties have turned into the debris.

The devastating earthquake also triggered Highland Himalayan Region resulting avalanches in Everest and Langtang Regions, which claimed the lives of over 250 people. Fishtail Air expresses deepest condolences to all those victims who could not survive the cruelest form of nature’s destruction.

However, the team of Fishtail Air feels proud to serve the country and humankind during such tragic moment. The team of Fishtail Air operated Rescue Missions in the most affected regions. The team of pilots including Reto, Maurizio and Ashish Sherchan operated frequent flights in Fishtail Helicopters to Everest Region and rescued the climbers who were trapped in between Camp I and Everest Base Camp during the catastrophic avalanche triggered by the quake. Piloting AKA, AII Helicopters the team of Fishtail Pilots including Niklas, Ranjan, Sujal, Yogendra Mukhiya and Deepak Jung Rana operated rescue missions in the most affected districts like Gorkha Dhading, Nuwakot and Rasuwa. Overall Fishtail Air has brought 1000 victims back to Kathmandu.

Natural Calamity: Fishtail Air leads the Rescue Operation once again

Natural calamity yet again hits Nepal. A disastrous landslide on Saturday 3am at Sindhuplanchowk, a district flanking Kathmandu to the north swept away dozens of houses claiming the lives of several citizens. The landslide resulted a high wall blockade to the course of Sun Koshi River creating a huge Lake at the site. Reports say eight dead bodies have been recovered and hundreds of natives of the region are still missing; perhaps buried under piles of rocks and soil. Hence, the death toll could massively rise until everything comes back to normal. The mass of water blocked because of the landslide continues to threaten the regions beside the River once the fragile dam bursts.

Saturday morning, the entire nation woke up to hear the biggest tragedy of the year. Captain Deepak Jung Rana of Fishtail Air made an early morning flight to the ruined site. He was shocked to witness such a merciless strike. A gigantic mass of hill had dropped down sweeping the entire village with the asleep villagers. However, Fishtail Air started the rescue work. The first rescue flight was able to rescue one Belgian citizen and five Nepalese to the safety of hospital in Kathmandu.

Fishtail Air, as in the past had done an appreciable job to serve the humanity in such tragedies. The loss of human lives and national resources during such calamities are massive but the minimization of the loss is a national obligation for every resourceful organization and individual.

Fishtail Air, conveys deep sympathy to all those who have lost their dear ones and valued properties.


Romanian Climber rescued from Dhaulagiri

It was a challenging task to rescue a Romanian National Mr. Alex Gavan from the Camp 2 of Dhaulagiri. The first day of rescue May 11, the rescue team of Fishtail Air flew from Kathmandu. Because of poor visibility due to strong wind and heavy snowfall, the rescue team flew back from Kalapani.

The second day the rescue began early morning. The team flew from Pokhara and made an attempt to rescue the Romanian Climber with the long line from the Camp 2, 6400m. Once again Due to poor visibility, strong wind and snow blowing , the rescue was impossible. Hence the team dropped 2 Sherpas at Camp 1, 6100m. Sherpas climbed up to Camp 2 and brought the climber back to Camp 1. After couple of hours the Romanian climber was in the safe hands of Sherpas at Camp 1. From Camp 1 everyone was rescued. The helicopter flew to Kathmandu via Kalapani after the successful rescue mission.



Fishtail Air and Maurizio Folini carry out the highest Helicopter Rescue!

Yet again, Fishtail Air and Maurizio Folini have succeeded in carrying out the highest ever helicopter rescue on Everest. The rescue was carried out in an incredible altitude of 7,800 m. Despite the difficulty to fly in thin air at such high altitudes, renowned Italian Pilot Maurizio Folini piloted the AS 350 B3 to rescue an injured Nepali-Canadian climber at 1:30 pm on the 21st of May. The casualty who faced difficulties in the afternoon of 20th May was lowered several hundred meters the following day by a Sherpa team from where the rescue took place. The previous record too was performed at an altitude of 6,900 m by a team of Fishtail Air & Air Zermatt on 29th April, 2010 using ‘Human Sling Operation’ on Mt. Annapurna.


Maurizio Folini

Avalanche at Manaslu Base camp swept away expedition members!

An avalanche occurred at Camp III of the Mt. Manaslu at 7,300 meters at around 4 am on 23rd September. The climbers were most possibly sleeping when they were hit by the snow. Even though an official data and the name lists of the victims has not been made clear by the officials, it is believed that some twelve climbers have gone missing, thirteen injured and some 8 people have been identified as deceased.

Chopper of Fishtail Air is carrying out the search and rescue operation at the moment. Captain Steven Bruce Bokan is in command of 9N-AJI helicopter for this search and rescue operation.

According to Capt Bokan, the toll may increase as the time passes by and because of the adverse weather the operation has been more so difficult. Most of the victims hail from Germany and France.  All those injured so far have been immediately transferred to hospital in Kathmandu for medical treatment.

Our efforts are still on and we hope to rescue all the possible survivors and pray for those who could not make it back to life. May the departed rest in peace.

manaslu avalanche

Injured Flown to safety by Fishtail Air Helicopter!

A bus en-route to Jumla from Kalikot on 11th September 2012, met with an accident. Twenty eight people were killed in that accident and eleven people were injured. All those seriously injured people were flown to Nepalgunj Police Training Center by Fishtail Air Helicopter (9N-AJI) immediately after SOS was received. Captain Steven Bruce Bokan was Flight in Command for the mission.

Fishtail Air extends condolence to those grieved family of departed souls and wishes for speedy recovery of those injured.