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Woman gives birth on board helicopter!

Our helicopter AJI (AS350B3) was enroute from Humla to Kathmandu when a passenger gave birth to a child inside the helicopter.
Captain Steven was flying from Humla (Darma VDC) headed for Kathmandu after picking up Mr. Aasbireey Aidi and his wife Mrs. Kamala Aidi who had been expecting a child. Kamala gave birth to a baby boy on board just before touchdown. After landing she was helped by a medic crew and immediately transported to the hospital.

This was the second baby born on board. Previously, Mrs. Roshani Acharya had also given birth to a child on the 14th of February 2010 on board our helicopter.

Congratulations to the couple and Fishtail Air wishes for the child’s safe and sound health.

child birth in helicopter

Patient being transferred to Ambulance

Newly born baby in Fishtail Air's Helicopter

Article: Anusha udas/Photo: Steven Bokan Bruce

Shyabrubesi rescue!

Our German friend was rescued this morning from Shyabrubesi – Langtang region.

She was seriously injured with multiple fractures on her arm and ribs. AIK (AS350B) flew there from Kathmandu airport immediately after the call for rescue and she was in Kathmandu within less than half an hour from where she was transported to a hospital for proper medical treatment.
We wish her the earliest recovery.

rescue from syabrubeshi

Ama Dablam Base Camp Rescue!

Mr. Tobias Warzek was rescued from Ama Dablam Base Camp this morning.
The three friends Hannes Grobeer, Tobias Warzek and Hardus Amon from Austria were on their expedition tour around the Everest regionMera Peak, Island Peak and Ama Dablam when Tobias unfortunately experienced a frost bite on his right foot and couldn’t walk further. As soon as Fishtail air was notified of the rescue AIK (AS350B) was flown from Kathmandu to Syangboche initially and thereafter to Ama Dablam Base camp where they were all waiting for the chopper to have him safe and given immediate medical attention.
They were flown to Kathmandu where he shall receive necessary treatment.
We wish him the earliest recovery and that he can soon walk again and feel the earth.


Ama Dablam Base Camp

Rescue from Putha Hiuchuli Base Camp

Ms. Annie Rivier from France was on her expedition to Putha Hiuchuli Summit at up to 7000m when she fell sick to altitude sickness and snow blindness/sun stroke on her way back.
As soon as we got a call for rescue, our B3 helicopter AJI was flown immediately by Capt. Stephan Sagesser for Putha Base camp from where she was rescued for Kathmandu.
We wish her the earliest recovery.

rescue from huichuli

Hiuchuli Base Camp

Rescue from Hilsa!

Our AS 350 B3 carried out a rescue flight this morning from Hilsa (10700ft).
Mr. Prakash Tamang met with an unfortunate accident on his motorbike close to the Chinese border and fractured both his legs. The medical attention he was receiving at Hilsa was going to prove futile unless he travelled to the capital.
As soon as Fishtail Air was notified of the rescue needed, Captain Deepak flew our B3 directly from Kathmandu Airport to Simikot and then to Hilsa. Prakash was flown to Kathmandu and given proper medical care.
We wish that his legs get better soon and that he can feel mother earth on his feet again.

hilsa glaciers

Hilsa glacier

Patient inside Helicopter

Rescue from Remote Nepal!

Mrs. Doma Lama was rescued this morning from Mugu Gaon (~12500ft).
She was critically ill and considering the remote area she was residing in, she had very less options of medical help. Capt. Ashish flew the B3 from Kathmandu early today directly for Mugu Gaon. She was immediately flown to Kathmandu for proper medical attention. Mrs. Lama was accompanied by her family members.
Fishtail Air wishes her the earliest recovery.

Rescue from Mugu

Rescue from Mugu

Rescue from Makalu Area!

J.H. from Czech Republic was rescued from Mera above Nehe Kharka, Makalu Area today. Our helicopter AII- B206III was flown by Captain Steve Bruce to the rescue site and back.
Mr. J.H. was suffering from major altitude sickness. We wish him the earliest recovery.

Rescue from Manaslu area!

Ms. Paola Aura DallOrto was suffering from high altitude sickness while on her way at Dharamshala (4800m) at Manaslu area.
Fishtail Air was notified of her condition and so Captain Deepak JB Rana immediately took off from Kathmandu Airport heading directly for Dharamsala. The rescue mission was a success when our helicopter AS350 B- AIK flew her to Kathmandu airport.
We wish her the earliest recovery.
Thank you for flying with Fishtail Air.

Patient rescued from Manaslu region

Japanese rescued from Annapurna North

Ms. Hiromi Nishimo from Japan was rescued this morning from Annapurna North (approx 4190m).
Ms. Hiromi was on her trekking route when she fell sick to High Altitude. Captain Ashish Sherchan commanding AIK (AS350B) left from Kathmandu for Annapurna North where she was found in a serious condition. She was flown immediately to Kathmandu for further medical attention.
Fishtail Air wishes her the earliest recovery.

rescue from Annapurna region

Rescue from Annapurna

Short hike proves baneful for Australian

A young Australian lady Sarah Jane Smee was rescued today from Pokhara to Kathmandu on our helicopter AIK (AS350B).

Sarah was on her short trek up to the stupa inside the lake city (Pokhara) when she fell off and unfortunately fractured her knee. Captain Deepak Rana flew the helicopter immediately from Kathmandu to Pokhara. From there she was flown to the capital for proper treatment.

We wish her the earliest recovery.

Our same helicopter also carried out two charter shuttles from Pokhara to Ghorepani on other occasions of the same and previous day under command of Captain Deepak Rana.

Photo Courtesy: Manish Jung Joshi