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Mountaineer, 86, dies attempting to reclaim title of oldest to climb Everest

Min Bahadur Sherchan, a former British Gurkha who was attempting again to become the oldest person to climb Mount Everest at the age of 86 died due to heart attack at Everest base Camp on Saturday evening May 6, 2017. His dead body was airlifted by fishtail air under the command of Caption Eric Ridington from Everest Base Camp in this early morning May 7, 2017 and sent to Teaching Hospital. Fishtail Air would like to express deep condolence to all sherchan’s family and relatives on the death of Sherchan. May his souls rest in peace. His saying was “My climb will demonstrate that age doesn’t stop you from realizing your goal.”

Sherchan‘s first record to climb Mount Everest was at the age of 76 on May 2008 and that record was broken by Japanese Climber (Yuichiro Miura) on 2013 at the age of 80. He headed up to Lukla from Kathmandu on April 2017 with Fishtail Air to regain his title as the oldest person to climb Everest once again. Mr Sherchan had left for the Everest base camp 30th April 2017, leading a seven-member team.

by: Sumit Shrestha

Fishtail Air’s incredible support to MAF Disaster Response Team

MAF International, a Christian Organization that flies in the most isolated communities of the world to support the extremely suffering mass of people, collaborated with Fishtail Air during their Earthquake Relief Campaign in Nepal. MAF International appreciates every endeavor put by the Fishtail Air Staffs during the Campaign.

MAF Disaster Response Team in Nepal expressed its gratitude to Fishtail Air in conducting its work with excellence in all areas that include the booking, dispatching and executing of flights. MAF also has extended expressed its intention in continuing its collaboration with Fishtail Air for further Relief Campaigns in Nepal.




Fishtail Air is partnering with international NGO, MAF in rescue mission

Fishtail Air is partnering with international NGO Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), to operate an urgently needed helicopter response facility to enable humanitarian and relief workers to reach those most isolated communities in Nepal to bring hope and healing following the earthquake.

Nepal Earthquake, Fishtail Air

MAF operates the world’s largest fleet of aircraft for humanitarian and development operations and has considerable experience in disaster relief work including flight scheduling, logistics and management of disaster air transport operations. Working together with our helicopters and their disaster expertise, we are in ideal position to get the right people to the right places at the right time to help the people of Nepal recover from this devastating natural disaster.

The service we are offering is aimed at enabling the humanitarian aid community to access affected vulnerable populations in hard-to-reach areas currently not accessible by road or the larger helicopters. The service is primarily for passengers and limited cargo and is available on whole aircraft charter or a shuttle basis (pay for seat) and rates will depend on a number of factors although significant subsidies will be available to all humanitarian agencies.

Happy Children after getting the Food material

Happy Children after getting the Food material

Nepal Earthquake, Rescue

MAF team at the affected area speaking with the local people

To find out more please contact:
MAF Registration and Booking Office, Fishtail Air, opposite KTM Cargo Terminal entrance, Kathmandu.
Phone: 9813151797 or 9860481977

Natural Calamity: Fishtail Air leads the Rescue Operation once again

Natural calamity yet again hits Nepal. A disastrous landslide on Saturday 3am at Sindhuplanchowk, a district flanking Kathmandu to the north swept away dozens of houses claiming the lives of several citizens. The landslide resulted a high wall blockade to the course of Sun Koshi River creating a huge Lake at the site. Reports say eight dead bodies have been recovered and hundreds of natives of the region are still missing; perhaps buried under piles of rocks and soil. Hence, the death toll could massively rise until everything comes back to normal. The mass of water blocked because of the landslide continues to threaten the regions beside the River once the fragile dam bursts.

Saturday morning, the entire nation woke up to hear the biggest tragedy of the year. Captain Deepak Jung Rana of Fishtail Air made an early morning flight to the ruined site. He was shocked to witness such a merciless strike. A gigantic mass of hill had dropped down sweeping the entire village with the asleep villagers. However, Fishtail Air started the rescue work. The first rescue flight was able to rescue one Belgian citizen and five Nepalese to the safety of hospital in Kathmandu.

Fishtail Air, as in the past had done an appreciable job to serve the humanity in such tragedies. The loss of human lives and national resources during such calamities are massive but the minimization of the loss is a national obligation for every resourceful organization and individual.

Fishtail Air, conveys deep sympathy to all those who have lost their dear ones and valued properties.


Fishtail Air team congratulates Ranjan Limbu for his first Solo flight

Ranjan Limbu who is an efficient co-pilot in the Fishtail, on July 2nd took a command to operate a solo flight. Today he operated a solo flight to Biratnagar for the medical evacuation from Nobel Medical College.

Mr. Ranjan who was permitted to go as high as 7000 feet as a solo pilot is officially authorized to operate flights to all Nepalese airports. His hard work and dedication towards the aviation industry has now equipped him with the invaluable experience of flying solo in the Nepalese sky.

The team of Fishtail Air congratulates Mr. Ranjan in achieving the first opportunity to conduct the solo flight of his piloting career. We wish him a very good luck for his every future endeavors in the aviation industry.

Ranjan Limbu

Capt. Ranjan Limbu taking the Command


Hat-trick of healthy baby born onboard with Fishtail Air

Once again, a baby was given birth onboard during the flight to Kathmandu on Fishtail Air on 26, September 2013. Prior to this event, Ms. Kamala Aidi on December 21, 2013 and Ms. Roshni Acharya on February 14, 2011 had given birth to their respective child while onboard on Fishtail Air from Humla and Diktel respectively.

As soon as, the information was confirmed that woman was suffering in delivering a child in rustic Khumbu region, Captain Yogendra Mukhiya flew on a 9N AKA (B2) Fishtail Helicopter to Solukhumbu to provide her the safe maternity passage in a hospital in Kathmandu. The woman gave birth to her child onboard as soon as the Fishtail Air flew with her from Solukhumbu. She was safely brought to Teaching Hospital in the helicopter. The health condition of mother and child is absolutely sound.

Fishtail Air, congratulates her for newly born baby.



Rescue from Pangpuche Base Camp

Mr. Bjorn Aage Myrer Hund was on his expedition towards Pangpuche peak when avalanche fell and he fractured his leg.

We immediately took off from Lukla on our B3 without delay and rescued him from Pangpuche Base Camp to Kathmandu. Pangpuche is in Manasulu region, north east of Samdo. Captain Deepak and our newest additional crew Captain Maurizio Folini (from Italy) were flying the machine.

We wish him the earliest recovery.

Rescue from Pangpuche Base Camp

Pheriche calls for rescue

Ms. Lotte Suveri from Canada and her friend Yonathan  Zoof from Isarel were on their trek to the incredible Everest Base Camp when she experienced altitude sickness and could continue no further than Pheriche (14,000ft). They decided to call for rescue as she was getting worse healthwise.

Our very own VT-DCB (B3) was flown by Capt. Dutt from Kathmandu to Pheriche from where they were rescued to the capital. The ambulance that was waiting for her immediately drove her for proper medical attention.

Pheriche Helipad - 14000 FtMs Lotte & Yonathan

Ms Lotte & Yonathan

Tree falls on man!

Mitra Prasad Ghimire has been rescued this morning from Bakhachaur, Aiselukharka (5800~ft).  As we were told, a tree fell on his foot yesterday afternoon at about 1500 hours and he was badly injured.

Captain Steven immediately took off on our Bell (206bIII) helicopter from Kathmandu  as soon as they called for rescue and flew him here for proper medical attention.

We wish him the earliest recovery.

Heart Attack victim at Lete.

Lete school ground

Mr. Buddha Sherchan suffered from heart attack on the morning of 28th Feb 2012 at Lete (2438m) and we were immediately called for rescue. AJI (B3) took off from Kathmandu without further delay on a rescue mission.

He along with his family members was then flown directly to Neuro Hospital, Basbari, Kathmandu as he seemed in a very critical condition. He was received by the hospital personnel.

Best wishes to Mr. Sherchan and his family for the earliest recovery.

Lete is a village development committee in the Mustang district of Nepal. It’s a scenic place from where you can see from this place- Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri and Annapurna.

Locals helping Mr. Sherchan