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Religous tour to Damodar Kunda

A religion without the element of mystery would not be a religion at all.

It is believed that whoever visits Damodar Kunda and takes a dip in the lake’s water, will be freed from all sins.

This morning four of our Indian guests Mr. Pabbisetty Sai Yathiraj, Mr. Ramdevan Lalitha, Mr. Seetharaman Chandar and Mr. Krishnaswamy Ramdevan along with our CEO Mr. Suman Pandey on board flew from Kathmandu to Damodar Kunda and back to Kathmandu with us. Our helicopter AS350 B3-AJI was in command of Captain Deepak JB Rana. The pictures say it all and one can only imagine the spiritual feeling that touched them while they were there.

Damodar Kunda (lake) – 5400 m is famous especially amongst the Hindu people. This Lake is situated high up in a rain- shadow area of the Himalayas, north of the famous Annapurna range of the upper Mustang region.  It lies in the Northern border of Nepal, East of Lomanthang which is the Capital of Mustang.

Thank you for flying with Fishtail Air.

damodar kunda lake

Aerial view of Damodar Kunda Lake

damodar kunda

Tour to Damodar Kunda


fishtail at damodar kunda

damodar kunda

Fishtail Air's CEO at Damodar Kunda

Religious tour to Damodar Kunda

damodar kunda

Holy place Damodar Kunda

Damodar Kunda (lake) – 5400 m is famous specially amongst the Hindu people. This Lake is situated high up in a rain- shadow area of the Himalayas, north of the famous Annapurna range of the upper Mustang region between Kagbeni and Muktinath. Many Hindus dream of taking a holy bath at least once in their lifetime in the sacred Damodar-Kunda, situated at the lap of the Himalayas in the Upper Mustang area of Nepal.

It is also mentioned in Puran that two sons of Kubers were suffering from their wrongdoing and sin that were committed in a previous life.  Lord Krishna suggested they take a bath in this Kunda and immediately after taking a bath they were released from all their sin.

On the 17th and 18th of May we had an operation of taking 35 passengers up to Damodar Kunda from Jomsom and back. They were all Indian Citizens from the state of Maharastra aged from 30-60. Our AS350 B3-AJI was flown by Capt. Deepak Rana. A couple of shuttles were undertaken to complete the mission. Security personnel were also taken on the flights as per regulations.

We hope the group had a wonderful spiritual feeling. Thank you for flying with Fishtail Air.

fishtail at damodar kunda

AS 350 B3 @ Damodar Kunda

indian pilgrims at damodar kunda

Our German ‘Freunde’ on an exclusive flight with Fishtail Air.

This was again one of our exclusive and one of a kind group flights where 43 guests from Germany were flown from Kathmandu to Hotel Everest View (HEV) at 3880m, as the name suggests commands a spectacular view of  Mt. Everest. Hotel Everest View is one of the world’s highest hotels after Kongde resort at 4250m. Four of our helicopters AII, AIK, AJI and AIW under command of Captain Siddhartha Gurung, Captain Deepak Rana, Captain Gregor Beer and Captain Ashish Sherchan were flown  from Kathmandu airport directly to HEV where our guests enjoyed breakfast with the impressive panoramic view of the Incredible Everest on the 7th and 8th of April. They then enjoyed a scenic mountain flight along the Khumbu valley and back to Kathmandu. We hope they had an amazing experience of the Himalayas to carry with back home

Danke für Fliegen mit Fishtail Air.

Kathmandu Syangboche Heli Sightseeing

Entrepreneur Organization’s most high profile tour group flies with Fishtail Air!

unleash yourself

Unleash yourself

This was probably one of the most anomalous and high profile events in the Nepal Tourism year 2011. Entrepreneur organization (EO) is a dynamic, global network of more than 7500 business owners spread over 108 chapters in 40 countries with a vision to build the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs.  EO Nepal hosted the Asia Bridge Campus 2011 in which the VIP guests mainly from Japan, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries of the Asia Pacific and a few from the U.S.A and New Zealand had participated. EO presented 140 of their young entrepreneurs an exhilarating lifetime experience of the panoramic birdlike view of the Khumbu valley (Mt. Everest Region) and Fishtail Air was responsible for coordinating the whole mission.

This special International event involving high profile corporate was organized in partnership  with Nepal Tourism year 2011. 140 guests were flown to Kondge Resort (4250m), one of the world’s highest mountain resort in the Sagarmatha National Park on  2nd of April from Kathmandu where they enjoyed Champagne brunch followed by a Scenic Flight in the valley and back to Kathmandu. With assistance from various other helicopter charter Companies and the Nepal Army a fleet of 10 helicopters this mission proved to be a success when we saw the glimmer in the eyes and the radiance in the body language of our guests after they were flown back to the Capital.

Fishtail Air also perceives this exclusive event as a great opportunity to promote our Himalayan Kingdom as a first class event destination initiating at the Tourism year and carrying it through to the future. We thank EO Nepal for organizing this major event and using Fishtail Air. We look forward to serving you in future. For more pictures click here

breakfast at kongde

Breakfast @ Kongde

cultural dance at kongde

Cultural dance at Kongde

Fishtail AS350 B3 flying from Lukla to Kongde

fishtail air chopper landing at kongde

Landing @ Kongde

Fishtail Air's helicopter at Lukla

playing golf at kongde

Playing golf @ Kongde

Halesi religious tour for Mongolians!

Four of our friends from Mongolia chose to fly to Halesi at an altitude of 4350 ft with Fishtail Air and we presented them with our AS350 B helicopter commanded by Captain Ashish Sherchan. Halesi Mahadev has been a religious place for hindus as well as bhuddist since thousands of years. There are three caves that represent the three eyes of Shiva. Buddhist who call these caves Maratika believe that Padmasambhava (the founder of  Tibetan Buddhism, the great Rinpoche) and his wife Mandarava freed themselves from the circle of lives and thus becoming immortal. The group of  four were flown from TIA helipad directly to Halesi and back.

We hope the flight provided them with the experience that they were looking for.

halesi mahadev heli tour

Halesi Mahadev darshan

Mountain flight extravaganza for South Americans!

Heli sightseeing @ Syangboche

The mean machine 9N-AJI was flown by Capt. Deepak JB Rana this very day when the weather was on our side.  Our Brasilian consorts Mr. Eugenio Fuser Jr. and Mr. Pedro Paulo Drummond also entered our ‘Lucky Few’ list as they enjoyed the panoramic natural artistry of the King of Naturally NepalThe Himalayas. This incredible flight started from the capital to Lukla and subsequently to Syangboche (3841m). After a stop at Syangboche they were flown again around the Khumbu Valley through the shade of Kala Patthar and then back to Syangboche- Lukla and thereafter back to Kathmandu. This is still one of the most delightful flights you could choose.

Thank you for flying with us and we hope you carry the memories and recognition of our country within you.  Happy Nepal Tourism Year 2011!

Everest region sightseeing

Astounding Everest Sight Seeing!

Once again we add to the list of ‘The lucky few’, those who chose to fly with us for the stunning view of the monumental Everest Region. They were MR. SEBASTAIN NOGUERA, MR.MANUEL J. NOGUERA and ISABEL M. CUEVAS. Our helicopter AS350 B3- AJI was under command of Capt. Deepak JB Rana who flew them from Kathmandu and back. We at Fishtail hope they carry the imperial experience with them wherever they are travelling and we hope to see you guys again.

Everest Sightseeing

SN Power surveys Kabili Khola!

Officials from SN POWER took a flight to Kabili Khola (Taplejung) for aerial sight survey and an accredited inspection of the ongoing Hydro power project at the river. Fishtail Air’s 9N AJI (AS350 B3) under command of our very own humorous Captain Deepak JB Rana completed the mission as was planned.

We hope we can help them in many other ways in near future.

Officials of SN Power

Heli Sightseeing in the Everest Region

How wonderfully could you possibly imagine starting a brand new year than experiencing a breath-taking scenic flight at the Everest Region from Kathmandu and back. Six of our fellow tourists from the Island nation of Japan chose this grand oppurtunity and were flown in our mean machine (9N-AJI- AS350 B3) piloted by Captain Ashish Sherchan. Only the expressions in their faces after the flight could describe the emotion they had within.

Meanwhile 5 tourists from our neighbouring nation, India made a religious visit up to one of Nepal’s most renowned pilgrimage site, Muktinath at 3798m to receive blessings for the upcoming year. Sure it must have felt divine and what a way to start the year again. Captain Siddhartha Jung Gurung was in command of the helicopter from Pokhara to Muktinath and back to Pokhara.

We at Fishtail hope you all have a wonderful year ahead.

Everest Heli Sightseeing