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Fishtail Air to welcome new choppers in the family real soon!

As a New Year resolution, Fishtail Air has planned to bring new helicopters this year. An AS 350 b3+ would be introduced soon and will operate within Nepal for commercial flight purpose. The contract to purchase a new helicopter between TARMAC AVIATION SA, Switzerland and Fishtail Air has already been signed.

The AS 350 b3+ is powered by a 2B1 engine and is well known for its capacity to fly at high altitude (23,000 feet AMSL) all over the world. The chopper has also proved its capability in Nepal especially in mountain regions. It has the capacity of 6 seater excluding pilot and performs flawlessly in Aerial Sightseeing, Mountain Flights, Rescue Evacuation, Corporate Charter, Sling Operations, High altitude operations and other special adventure missions.

Fishtail Air Pvt. Ltd. was operating two helicopters, a Bell Jet Ranger 206 B III and an AS 350 B3e and has already signed a purchase agreement with Bell Helicopter, Textron Company on 07 October 2016 for the purchase of two brand new Bell 505 Jet Ranger X helicopters.

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