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Natural Calamity: Fishtail Air leads the Rescue Operation once again

Natural calamity yet again hits Nepal. A disastrous landslide on Saturday 3am at Sindhuplanchowk, a district flanking Kathmandu to the north swept away dozens of houses claiming the lives of several citizens. The landslide resulted a high wall blockade to the course of Sun Koshi River creating a huge Lake at the site. Reports say eight dead bodies have been recovered and hundreds of natives of the region are still missing; perhaps buried under piles of rocks and soil. Hence, the death toll could massively rise until everything comes back to normal. The mass of water blocked because of the landslide continues to threaten the regions beside the River once the fragile dam bursts.

Saturday morning, the entire nation woke up to hear the biggest tragedy of the year. Captain Deepak Jung Rana of Fishtail Air made an early morning flight to the ruined site. He was shocked to witness such a merciless strike. A gigantic mass of hill had dropped down sweeping the entire village with the asleep villagers. However, Fishtail Air started the rescue work. The first rescue flight was able to rescue one Belgian citizen and five Nepalese to the safety of hospital in Kathmandu.

Fishtail Air, as in the past had done an appreciable job to serve the humanity in such tragedies. The loss of human lives and national resources during such calamities are massive but the minimization of the loss is a national obligation for every resourceful organization and individual.

Fishtail Air, conveys deep sympathy to all those who have lost their dear ones and valued properties.


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