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Romanian Climber rescued from Dhaulagiri

It was a challenging task to rescue a Romanian National Mr. Alex Gavan from the Camp 2 of Dhaulagiri. The first day of rescue May 11, the rescue team of Fishtail Air flew from Kathmandu. Because of poor visibility due to strong wind and heavy snowfall, the rescue team flew back from Kalapani.

The second day the rescue began early morning. The team flew from Pokhara and made an attempt to rescue the Romanian Climber with the long line from the Camp 2, 6400m. Once again Due to poor visibility, strong wind and snow blowing , the rescue was impossible. Hence the team dropped 2 Sherpas at Camp 1, 6100m. Sherpas climbed up to Camp 2 and brought the climber back to Camp 1. After couple of hours the Romanian climber was in the safe hands of Sherpas at Camp 1. From Camp 1 everyone was rescued. The helicopter flew to Kathmandu via Kalapani after the successful rescue mission.



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