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Italian duo airlift rubbish from Everest Camp 1 to Pyramid

An Italian pilot, who flies Fishtail chopper, and another Italian national, who works at the Pyramid International Laboratory/Observatory on the lap of Mt Everest, brought some materials and rubbish left at the Camp 1 to the High Altitude Research Center for storage and proper disposal today.
According to GP Verza of the Center, Captain Maurizio Folini had sought his help to collect and dispose various materials and rubbish apparently left by the expedition teams that either became victim or witness of the April 18 avalanche.

“Today Maurizio was flying in our area, and he requested me to help him bring the materials,” Verza said, “I responded with an affirmation…We flew to Camp 1 and collected a good quantity of rubbish including a jerrycan containing kerosene.”
The Center, which is jointly managed by the Ev-K2-CNR Committee and the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) since 1990, is located at 5,050 m in the Khumbu Valley in Solukhumbu district.
The Center provides a platform to conduct research on environment, climate, human physiology and geology in the area.
Verza has expressed his concerns over the tendency of mountaineers leaving fuel containers and other rubbish in the
mountains. “Release of fuel like kerosene would impose bad effects on environment and it would contaminate water in the lower areas in the days to come,” he wrote an email sent to THT Online.
He further pointed out there are higher chances of crevasse formation in the Camp 1 due to such disposals.
Referring to the April 18 tragedy, in which 18 Sherpas were killed, Verza said, “This time, unfortunately, there was no time or energy to recover materials from Camp 1. Somebody had to do it, and we did it in memory of those who carried the materials up to there.”

News Source: The Himalayan Times,

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