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Farewell to our Italian Capt. Simone Moro & Capt. Piergiorgio Rosati

With the end of the season we bid farewell to our Italian duo of Capt. Mountaineer Simone Moro and Capt. Piergiorgio Rosati (PIGI). We thank you for being such and important part of Rescue in the Himalayas and relatively a special part of Fishtail Air. We hope to see you again, soon. Ciao!

Our CEO Mr. Suman Pandey had a short questionnaire with Captain Piergiorgio Rosati before he left for Italy.

CEO (Mr. Suman Pandey): When did you arrive here in Nepal? How much have you flown in the Himalayas since you have been here

PG (Capt. Piergiorgio Rosati): I arrived here on the 4th of May and started flying from Lukla since the 15th. I’ve flown about 40-50 hours from the 15th to the 31st and I flew with most of your pilots. It was really really a good experience as all of them have a different way of flying and different approaches to things. It was really nice to share my experience with them.

CEO: How many hours have you flown before coming to Nepal?

PG: About 9000.

CEO: Was flying 40-50 hours a month good?

PG: Infact, it was less than a month, about 2 weeks.That was quality flying.

CEO: So, most of the hours must have been above 12,000ft?

PG: Yes, it was beautiful from 12,000 to 17,000ft almost at the base camp and flying at the ceiling of the B3 has really been wonderful.

CEO: Well, this year has been a wonderful achievement for the climbers as they have recorded the highest number of summiteers on the top of Everest this season. How did you feel as a pilot to be flying around that area and helping the climbers or being the hope of the climbers in case something went wrong?

PG: Well, actually you know its not really so different but one (with the helicopter) has to be really light to be able to climb and land in the glacier ofcourse. I think we did up to 11 landings in Everest Camp 2 and one above 6700m. With the B3 machine, it’s really not that hard to fly up there. It’s a matter not only of technique but also tactic you know, keeping track of the wind, how to work. All in all it was a really great experience for me.

CEO: So you’ve been flying up and down Camp 2 and sometimes 3. Did you perceive a feeling among the climbers that helicopters operating in and around the mountains was able to enhance their level of confidence in climbing knowing that there is rescue on standby if they needed.

PG: Yes, of course. Infact, I met one climber who said that until 5 years ago there was no way of calling for rescue as there were no cell phones or not many helicopters that could fly up there. Military rescue was the only option. But now they can call us anytime, in the afternoon or in moderate weather and in higher altitudes and no doubt we have one of the most powerful aircrafts that can fly that high.

CEO: During your flights in Nepal, have you ever come across flights that have made you proud or more like a lifetime achievement?

PG: No, not really. I’ve handled many rescue missions here and nothing that special as of now. Back in Italy I am used to flying with a doctor and a nurse on board but here its different. I’m flying here alone and someone puts the patient in the helicopter and all I can think of is getting him/her to where he/she can get immediate medical attention.

CEO: Have you felt like your presence in the rescue is like a life saving moment for the person being rescued?

PG: I don’t know about the life but sometimes you see these people crying out for help and when you are able to be there, it feels good.

CEO: Do you intend to visit us again?

PG:I would surely love to.

Fishtail Air team with Capt. Simone Moro

Fishtail team with Piergiorgio Rosati

From left: Capt. Simone Moro & CEO, Suman Pandey

From left: Capt. Simone Moro & Capt. Ashish Sherchan, Operation Director

From Left: Capt. Simone Moro & Executive Manager, Raju Neupane

From Left: Capt. Simone Moro & Exec. Manager, Pradeep Gautam

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