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Grand Success at Hilsa!

Our B2 helicopter has been stationed at Hilsa since the 3rd of May to cater to the tourists (pilgrims) who want to visit the Holy Kailash Mansarovar Lake. Like every year, this season of Hilsa mission also looks promising and we are proud to announce that so far we have carried out 28 shuttles to Hilsa and two other rescue missions from Hilsa.

Initially the mission was being flown by Captain A. Sherchan who was later replaced by Captain D. Rana. The mission is still on and passengers continue to fly. We shall be stationed there until June.

As they all say- for Hindus It Is Kailash, For Jain – Ashtapada – Meru, For Buddhist – Kang Rinpoche. It’s a common pilgrimage for all three religion and hence the beauty of this trip. Passengers fly to Simikot in a fixed wing aircraft from where we fly them to Hilsa (far-west Nepal at approx.12200ft). Here on they continue their journey by road/walk.

Fishtail Air thanking everyone who has contributed in making this mission a success so far.

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