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Everest Camp 2 Rescue

Two sherpas had been injured in the Serac Fall near Camp 3. On their way up they were hit by an Ice rock and were suffering from severe head injuries. Their friends carried them from there to Camp 2 whereby helicopter rescue would be easier. They called for medevac.

Captain Simone Moro and Captain Piergirorio immediately flew out B3 from Lukla (where it has been stationed as standby for rescue missions) to Everest Camp 2.

They picked up Kami Tenzing Sherpa initially and flew him to Lukla. There after they picked the second Sherpa PemChiri Sherpa on the second shuttle from Lukla and later both were flown to Kathmandu.

We have had successful camp 2 rescues this season and are glad to be able to assist. Fishtail Air sends out best wishes to those that are on their way up and congratulations to those on their descent.

We also would like to introduce to you Captain Piergirorio from Italy who has mainly been flying the rescue mission from Lukla in replacement of Captain Maurizio Folini. He is a sling expert and current working in Italy.

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