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Our B3 up in the air again, 2 new Addition to the fleet!


AS 350 B3 Helicopter up in the Air

This is just to inform to you about our helicopter B3 –AJI that it is up and flying again. She had been under maintenance for a while and now is cleared to rule the skies again.

Thank you all for the support and understanding.

With this we would also like to bring to your notice about our new addition the the fleet that we have. Introducing  9N-AKA, AS350 B2 and another B3. B3 will be here by end of February and the B2 in operation by mid march.

Fishtail Air team thanks all once again for your co-operation with all our operations and we look forward to flying with you.

Best wishes for the season. May we all prosper together.

AS 350 B3 Helicopter

AS 350 B3 Helicopter - New

AS 350 B2 Helicopter

AS 350 B2 Helicopter

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