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Beni Festival- Up in the Air!

We were invited at the Beni (headquarter of the Myagdi district in the mid west hilly region) festival that was taking place from the 19th of January to the 22nd of the same. Scenic flights were to be operated for all the interested visitors at the festival and it was a grand success as we came home after flying a whooping 250 passengers in all. Four days of bright festival gave our flights a boost as we took off from Beni towards Ghorepani and back to Beni on a 15 minute divine experience for our fellow citizens.

They all were flown on our Bell Jet Ranger 9N-AII.

We hope that with this trend we can spread awareness amongst our people of the beautiful experience that our country has to offer and that even normal individuals can taste the art of flight.

Thank you for flying with us.

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