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Fishtail Airs Delegation Visit to Augusta Westland

With evident rising significance of the Nepalese Tourism Industry in the year 2011, we expect higher arrivals in 2012. Increasing visits and activities shall increase demand of helicopter operations in the Mountaineering seasons of 2012. High performance helicopters have always been an asset of safety assurance and thereby promotion of mountaineering in Nepal. Fishtail Air therefore plans to expand its fleet of helicopters by March 2012.
A delegation from Fishtail Air led by Chairman, Bikash JB Rana is on a visit to Europe specifically Switzerland, Italy and France learning and exploring different opportunities. Inspection of various aircrafts including AS350 B3 and B2 is being carried out and they shall continue doing so until their return to Kathmandu. A part of this pursuit included a team visit to the factory of Augusta Westland in Costa di Samarate, Italy on the 13th of December. Vice President Sales, Mr. Umberto Fonteneila, in his sales briefing recommended us the ‘AW 119 Koala helicopter’ as an alternative to already existent in operation in the Himalayas of Nepal; different series of ‘Eurocopter’ and ‘Bell’ helicopters. This was followed by a test flight on the ‘Koala’ the day after at Samedan of Switzerland where all three delegates were present. The company presentation was knowledgeable as we discover that they are working to review their traditional chart on the altitude limits which could allow the ‘Koala’ to fly in higher altitudes. This could enable extra consumer benefits namely in terms of Power, Speed, Space and Passenger occupancy for adventure activities at high altitudes. Augusta Westland has shown much interest in Fishtail Air to test the ‘Koala’ in The Great Himalayas of Nepal and have hence put forward a proposal of co-operation with us.
Our team of delegation includes CEO, Mr. Suman Pandey and Operations Director, Captain Ashish Sherchan.

From right: Bikash J.B. Rana (Chairman) Suman Pandey (CEO), Fishtail Air

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