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Fishtail Air rescues 100s stranded tourist from Lukla!

Thousands were and have been stuck in Lukla due to bad weather. We have managed to rescue about 100 passengers from Lukla to Kathmandu and taken the same amount on the reverse route.

It has been more than a week that Kathmandu, Lukla, Pokhara and other airfields/airports experienced bad weather with limited visibility restricting air traffic in and out. This crisis on the peak tourist season led to thousands of trekkers and mountaineers getting stranded at Lukla. Accommodation was tight and food was getting scarce. Foreigners had flights to catch. It was utter chaos. Hundreds more were on the way down to Lukla from Base Camp, Namche, syangboche etc. Helicopter service proved very important under these circumstances and the weather margin for operation of a helicopter is slightly less than for a fixed wing.

We have had unlimited calls and have tried out best to help passengers get back home. The whole team has been working hard to relieve the foreigners and the nation as a whole from this crisis that we face. Three of our helicopters AJI, AIK and AII have been stationed accordingly and our crew Capt. Ashish, Capt. Stephan and Capt. Steven are performing the whole operation.

We continue to perform this rescue operation as hundreds are still stuck and in need of help at Lukla. Fishtail Air thanks the whole crew for your respective roles in the entire mission.

Last year, during the same season we faced a similar crisis at Lukla and the same was done.

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