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Dispatchers leave for Refresher’s course

Our team members from the operations department, Mr. Pradeep Gautam and Mr. Raju Neupane have left today for Bangkok for their Dispatcher’s Refreshers Course at the Civil Aviation Training Center, Thailand.

flight dispatcher is a person responsible for planning and monitoring the progress of an aircraft journey. Depending on the type of certification the airline has, and depending on where the airline is based, both the pilot in command and the dispatcher are legally responsible for the safety of a flight. A dispatcher may have the authority to delay, divert or cancel a flight at any time, and a flight might not be able to be released without the signature of both the pilot in command and the dispatcher, again depending on the jurisdiction.

They will be undergoing the training for 10 days. We are determined to update ourselves to the latest information and effective workmanship in our field without fail.

In the past Mr. Rakesh Rana (from our team) was in Bangkok undergoing his initial Dispatcher’s training during late 2010.

We wish them both Good Luck!

From left Pradeep Gautam & Raju Neupane


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