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Lumbini, a Satellite City-APEC!

A group of 10 representing Asia Pacific Exhange Co-operation(APEC) led by Mr. Colin Hatchmin were flown this morning to Lumbini by two of our helicopters AIK (AS350B) and AJI(AS350B3) this morning.

On the early hours of today Capt. Ashish Sherchan and Capt Deepak JB Rana took off with the group from Tribhuwan International Airport directly for Lumbini. APEC aims to make Lumbini a Satellite town by enhancing the roads and railways in the region, promoting information technology and communication service and constructing an international standard airport.

A satellite town is a concept in urban planning that refers essentially to smaller metropolitan areas which are located somewhat near to, but are mostly independent of, larger metropolitan areas.

They were subsequently flown back to the capital after their short visit. We are all enthusiastically looking forward to this major step and fully support it. We hope that we can help with more in future to make this vision a substantial reality.

Lumbini-Birth place of Gautam Buddha

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