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Cargo shuttles in the Karnali zone!

Our As350 B3 –AJI is currently based at Surkhet to provide cargo shuttles from Surkhet to the remote areas around Karnali zone to villages like Sarkeghat, Shrinagar, Maila, Kalika and much more. We are involved in transporting Rice to the villages in the hills parallel to Karnali River. With this we also aim to cover the entire Far-Western Region of Nepal with the rescue services as well, quicker than it would have been if based in Kathmandu. We look upon this project as a social service to all our under developed villages, as a means to feed them. In addition we are also air-transporting herbs back from the hills which would help the medicinal industry.

We look forward to continue with this work in days to come.

Loading @ Surkhet Airport


Sarkheghat unloading

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