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Support to Madym Khola mini Hydro – Consumer Committee

Our AS350B3 AJI commanded by Captain Ashish Sherchan took off early this morning from Kathmandu Airport for Taplejung with assistance crew Engineer Anil Basnet, Hari Giri and Anusha Udas for Sling operation.

The mission for us was to airlift Hydro power cargo from Taplejung to Fungling and Khejenim. The sling equipments were setup at 0900 and the shuttles carried out. By half the day the mission was a success and they flew back to the capital.

This was yet another mission of Cargo support to remote parts of Nepal after the last shuttles we performed at Gumda VDC. We are glad that we are once again able to contribute in developing the nation. We at Fishtail also hope that operations like these prove as an encouragement and widen the horizons regarding our line of work to those that want to put an effort in making a difference but have been held back due to lack of transportation.

Salute to Captain Ashish for the entire mission!

We look forward to more of these missions. Let’s make a change together.

For video of this operation, please click here

Hydro project equipment being carried to Taplejung

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