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New addition to our team!

Fishtail Air is proud to introduce to you our newest team member Captain Steven Bruce Bokan.

He has a total of about 5088 Air/Flight Crew time and is a Helicopter Flight Instructor and a Type Examiner. He has worked in various fields of Aviation namely Photographic, Power Line Patrol, H/T Insulator Repair & Washing, Underslung, Geo-Survey & Aerial Fire Fighting, Mountain Flying & Confined Area Operations, Management-Operational & Administration, is committed to Safe Work Practices, Workplace Trainer & Assessor. He also possesses Aircraft Maintenance Skills.

He has ratings on different helicopters like B407, B206L, B206, B47G, H369, H269, AS350, R44 and R22.

A warm welcome from Fishtail Air to Captain Steve! We hope that you enjoy working with us.

Capt. Stevan Bruce Bokan

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