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Recovery flight at Everest Base Camp 2 (6500m)!

1st of May it was when Mr Rick Hitcha from the USA was taking his last breath at Everest base camp 2 while on his way up to the summit. He suffered a serious heart attack and succumbed to death that very day. Today the 3rd of May Fishtail Air undertook the responsibility of bringing his body down to the capital. Our AS350 B3- AJI was flown up to Everest Base Camp 2 (6500m) under command of Captain Siddhartha J. Gurung from where he completed the mission without fail and the deceased’s body was directly flown to Lukla and then to Teaching Hospital at Kathmandu for necessary procedures.

Fishtail Air sends our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family.

rescue from ebc camp 2

Rescue from Everest Base Camp II

rescue from everest base camp

Fishtail Air @ rescue mission

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