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Cargo Sling operation at Gorkha

The team of Captain Ashish Sherchan and Captain Daniel Aufdenblatten (from Air Zermatt) flew our AS 350-AJI to Gorkha area for a sling cargo mission whereby they performed 6-7 shuttles of cargo from remote areas from Barpark to Gumda VDC. Fishtail Air was flying for the community hydro project transporting building materials like transformers and pipe lines. With this mission we aim to provide for the people of the remote areas of Nepal where road transport is not possible.

These kinds of missions make us proud that we have such a wide range of operational capabilities and that we can help people in ways more than few.  We hope that missions like these contribute slightly to the development of the nation.

Cargo Sling Operation

cargo sling by fishtail air

Cargo sling operation @ Gorkha


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