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Initiation of Nepal TOURISM YEAR 2011

Initiation of Nepal Tourism Year 2011

That was a one time experience and a kind of jubilation rarely ever done before in The Himalayan Kingdom. ‘Nepal Tourism year 2011’ was inaugurated in different parts of Nepal. One of them and probably the most extra ordinary ‘Torch Expedition 2011’ was the event organized by the Nepal Tourism Board in co-ordination with various airlines of Nepal at Mt. Ama Dablam Base Camp. Fishtail Air’s Helicopter 9N-AJI (AS350B3) played a major role in the successful and hopefully positive outcome of the above mentioned commemoration.

On the early hours of the 14th of January 2011, Captain Ashish Sherchan flew 10 officials of the tourism ministry, Nepal television crew and various other media crew to Ama Dablam Base Camp(approx. 14500ft). The plan was to start the morning by lighting a torch (flame) carried all the way from Lukla followed by massive fireworks at the base camp which was further followed by similar fireworks at camp 1, camp 2 camp 3 and the summit of Mt. Ama Dablam. Our Heli was to fly up around the summit at about 21000ft. On board were two cameramen from the media who were to take shots of the firework display along the mountain. The mission was completed without fail of any sort. We thank Mother Nature for the flawless weather. There after the crew were flown back to Lukla and some of them to Kathmandu where other events were being celebrated with a lot of positive spiritedness for the year.

We hope the best for our country and the year ahead.  Let’s make this year a grand success not exclusively to have a lot of positive changes in the tourism industry this year but also to make Nepal a renowned and a welcoming Himalayan Nation for the years to follow.


Fishtail Air - Nepal Tourism Year Inauguration @ Mount Ama Dablam

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