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Dramatic rescue at Chola pass

Another fellow adventurer was a victim of misfortune when he fractured his arm and a leg while on his way at Chola Pass (5420m) on the 20th of January 2011. French lone trekker Dominique Alvernhe was marooned at Chola Pass Glacier for about two days before he could finally contact his parents back home who quickly relayed the above event to the French Embassy in Nepal. Fishtail Air was immediately given the green signal by the embassy to carry out the rescue.

Our veteran pilots Capt. Deepak J.B Rana and Capt. Ashish Sherchan took off from Kathmandu at 1500 hours on the 21st of Jan. as soon as the location of Dominique was relayed. With some Sherpa guides onboard 9N-AJI (AS 350 B3) to help our chopper carried out a reconnaissance over head the location. They somehow located Dominique but due to very strong winds, we had to give in to mother nature and terminate the mission on the 21st. 22nd of Jan, early morning Dominique was eventually evacuated to safety and flown to Kathmandu whereby a standby ambulance from Norvic International Hospital took over Dominique’s health and drove him to the hospital for immediate treatment. The whole dramatic operation was conducted in co-ordination with the French Embassy in Nepal and Dominique Alvernhe’s parents. We hope Dominique’s treatment goes faster and that he can get back to his love for adventure soon enough. Fishtail Air shall carry on helping the ones in need and we hope to cut down on the calculated risks adventurers wish to take.

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  1. Armand Dirks says:

    Wow, he’s been very lucky to be rescued, great job Fishtail! Keep up the good work, even for people who take these risks! Armand

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