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Aerial Work at Everest Region!

Aerial work is one of the difficult action to perform in higher altitude which was performed by Fishtail air and has successfully completed on May 12, 2017 in Everest Region-Lobuche Glacier (4940m) and Gorakshep Glacier (5164m). Our AS350 B3e (9N-AJQ) was piloted by Caption Maurizio Folini and supported by Technician Mr. Hari Giri for this action. This aerial work was for Glaciology Study.

By: Sumit Shrestha

Mountaineer, 86, dies attempting to reclaim title of oldest to climb Everest

Min Bahadur Sherchan, a former British Gurkha who was attempting again to become the oldest person to climb Mount Everest at the age of 86 died due to heart attack at Everest base Camp on Saturday evening May 6, 2017. His dead body was airlifted by fishtail air under the command of Caption Eric Ridington from Everest Base Camp in this early morning May 7, 2017 and sent to Teaching Hospital. Fishtail Air would like to express deep condolence to all sherchan’s family and relatives on the death of Sherchan. May his souls rest in peace. His saying was “My climb will demonstrate that age doesn’t stop you from realizing your goal.”

Sherchan‘s first record to climb Mount Everest was at the age of 76 on May 2008 and that record was broken by Japanese Climber (Yuichiro Miura) on 2013 at the age of 80. He headed up to Lukla from Kathmandu on April 2017 with Fishtail Air to regain his title as the oldest person to climb Everest once again. Mr Sherchan had left for the Everest base camp 30th April 2017, leading a seven-member team.

by: Sumit Shrestha

Ueli Steck’s remains airlifted by Fishtail Air!

Ueli steck was a famous swiss rock climber and mountaineer who won two Piolet d’Or, in 2009 and 2014. He is also famous for his speed records on the North Face trilogy in the Alps. He has won many awards regarding mountaineering in Nepal as well as in many countries.

He died on April 30, 2017 morning while attempting the west ridge route of Everest. He slipped away from west ridge of Everest and fell 100m down from west ridge of Everest. He was there without supplemental oxygen. His remains were airlifted by Fishtail Air from Everest base Camp I this morning under the command of Captain Maurizio Folini. Captain Maurizio flew over the Everest Base Camp and landed at Everest base Camp I and was able to bring his remains back to Kathmandu.

Farewell to our Caption Reto Ruesch and whole Heli-Linth Family!

Heli-Linth is one of the helicopter company based in Mollis, Switzerland. There is a special relation between Heli-Linth and Fishtail Air. Caption Reto Ruesch and his team members arrived Kathmandu on 2nd April 2017 for Everest area trek. They stayed here for more than two weeks in Nepal. During those days, Capt. Reto flew flawlessly over Everest Region with our AS350 B3e (9N-AJQ).

Caption Reto and his team were invited by our chairman Bikash J.B Rana in his residence on 23rd April, 2017 for farewell party. Fishtail’s members were there to say goodbye to Heli-Linth team. Fishtail Air thanks them for their wonderful support and contribution. They departed from Kathmandu on 24th April for Switzerland. Fishtail will be looking forward to have more good relation with Heli-linth in coming days.

From Right: Capt. Deepak Jung Rana, Reto Ruesch, Capt. Bikash JB Rana, Suman Pandey, Capt. Maurizio Folini

Jubilant news from Singapore

Fishtail Air Bagged the award for logging Highest Number of Flight Hrs (7800+) with AS 350 B3 Helicopter. We pioneered the introduction of AS 350 B3 Helicopter in Nepal by importing two units in 2009, embarking to a new era of Heli Aviation in Nepal, followed by the presence of 15 such Aircrafts in our sky today. Within the span of less than 8 yrs, journey has completed a land mark 50,000 hrs of which Fishtail Air is the biggest contributor. Amidst a function of “Rotorcraft Asia” today in Singapore, Philippe Monteux, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters, SEA awarded Fishtail Air as the Top Operator along with others from Nepal.

Fishtail’s New Heli ‘9N-AJR’ has started its first commercial flight!

Fishtail’s new heli ‘9N-AJR‘ has officially started its first commercial flight by today (April 4, 2017). Flight to Gorakchep (Everest Region). This flight was under the control of Captain Eric Alexander Ridington and flew flawlessly over Everest Region. Today 9N-AJR has showed its capability to fly over Nepalese sky and will keep flying very persistently in coming days.

Along with this, we are planning to set one of our B3 helicopter in Lukla by second week of April which will definitely help and provide the best services to the climbers as well as for other missions in climbing season.

Fishtail Air’s Newest Heli is ready to operate in Nepalese sky!

Fishtail Air’s most awaiting and featuring newest heli with a model of AS350 B3+  and call sign ‘9N-AJR’ with a capacity of flying up to 23,000 feet (AMSL) is ready to operate for its commercial  fight (Aerial Survey, Sightseeing, Mountain Flights, Medical Evacuation, Corporate Charter, Human/Cargo sling Operations, High Altitude Operations and other special adventure missions.

Fishtail Air now operates three helicopters AS350 B3e (9N-AJQ), AS350 B3+ (9N-AJR) and BELL-206 (9N-AII) on its fleets. Along with this, Fishtail Air is adding more two Bell 505 Jet Ranger X Helicopters within next year. Fishtail Air will be at best to serve and provide proper facilities to its clients.

Fishtail Air’s new AS 350 B3+ (9N-AJR) helicopter has arrived at TIA!

Fishtail Air’s new AS 350 B3+ helicopter has arrived at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. The chopper after being brought from TARMAC AVIATION SA, Switzerland has added new gems in Fishtail Air’s fleet. It will fly in the Nepalese sky with the registration sign ‘9N-AJR’.

The AS 350 B3+ is powered by a 2B1 engine and is well known for its capacity to fly at high altitude (23,000 feet AMSL) all over the world. The chopper has also proved its capability in Nepal especially in mountain regions. It holds 6 seats capacity excluding pilot and operates flawlessly during the Aerial Sightseeing, Mountain Flights, Rescue Evacuation, Corporate Charter, Sling Operations, High altitude operations and other special adventure missions.
After the addition of AS 350 B3+ Helicopter, Fishtail Air’s fleet will be extended to three helicopters with one Bell-206 (9N-AII), AS 350 B3e (9N-AJQ).

Fishtail Air’s new AS 350 B3+ (9N-AJR)

Fishtail Air’s new AS 350 B3+ (9N-AJR)

Safety Road Show Seminar for Fishtail Air by Airbus Helicopters!

Aligned with ‘Safety First’ culture, Airbus Helicopters launched the Aviation Safety Road shows as a cooperative effort with our customers to increase level of  safety. The Safety Road shows are the result of Airbus Helicopters’ role in the executive committee for the IHST (International Helicopter Safety Team) and involvement in regional safety initiatives such as the EHEST (European Helicopter Safety Team) and other local chapters. The goal of the IHST is to create an international rotorcraft community with zero accidents worldwide.

As scheduled, Safety Road Show Seminar for Fishtail was held on 22 Feb 2017 and these Road shows allow our teams to accompany customers on the path to improve operational safety. So as Fishtail Air Team-Management, safety supervisors, pilots, maintenance engineers, operations who are committed to a strong cooperation with the sole purpose to increase the operational safety and reduce the accident rate. Fishtail Air is getting much safety awareness procedures and planning to decrease up to zero level accidents and dangerous catastrophes.

Fishtail Air Top Managers from each department along with other staffs has decided to analysis and make a record of upcoming hazards, whether that is small or big; implementing step by step presentation of the four pillars of the SMS for Helicopters Safety Risk Management, giving full training to operators and engineers, Technical Support with HCARE, Proper Safety Equipment, HUMS, CAMO as well as Vision 1000 in coming months. Fishtail have decided to have meeting each Sunday of week regarding safety procedures and to implement the results as soon as possible for better safety. At last, for the success of this workshop, Full participation of senior management and all levels of the organization is required.

Article by: Sumit Shrestha    |    Photo: Dilak Shrestha

Fishtail Air team congratulates Sabin Lama for his first Solo flight!

Pilot Sabin Lama carried out his first solo flight to Lakhanpur (Ramechhap) on March 1, 2017. Flying several hundred hours as a co-pilot in the Nepalese Sky, Sabin’s first solo flight to Lakhanpur is one more success story of Fishtail Air.

Mr. Sabin Lama took the command to solely operate Kathmandu-Lakhanpur-Kathmandu chartered flight in Fishtail Air’s B3e-AJQ Aircraft. His hard work and dedication towards the aviation industry has now equipped him with the invaluable experience of flying solo in the Nepalese sky.

Fishtail Air Team congratulates Mr. Sabin in achieving the first opportunity to conduct the solo flight of his piloting career. We wish him a very good luck for his every future endeavors in the aviation industry.